SEO Consulting For Big Brand Websites – 20 Tips on Dealing With Different Levels of Administrators

Everyone has their own way of doing SEO, and that’s the better way to do it. But, streamlining your SEO process will make your SEO process to run successfully.  รับทำ seo ราคาถูก By streamlining your SEO process, you and your clients benefit when your SEO process is faster, and more efficient. Why to wait for some more time, here are five steps you can start doing right now to streamline your SEO process.

Defining your SEO Service
Define or create a complete list of SEO Services that you offer to your client. Think of what the major services that your clients want from you. Consider those services that relates to keyword research, content writing and optimization, link building, and site optimization, and categorize your services into these (or other) areas. Other Services that makes your clients interesting such as marketing, advertising, and website design may also be on your list. Rewrite your website content, marketing material, and advertising campaigns according to the list of service that you offer.

Prepare SEO Checklist
As an SEO Company you might be sure of SEO do’s and don’ts. It’s the time to make it materialize these SEO do’s and don’ts in to SEO Checklists. SEO Checklist will make a thorough review of each and every project to ensure that all your SEO Checklists points have been satisfied. The advantage of having SEO Checklists is that you will remember even the small points of SEO.

Split your SEO process in to different area of services (keywords, content, link building, etc.) and each area will have its own SEO Checklist of item to look for when doing a project review. Each of your services (from step 1) should be represented by at least one item in a checklist, and most services will have multiple items.

Items in a checklist can be in the form of questions, points to check for, or tasks to complete. As an example, here are a few items from two of my checklists:
Keyword Checklist
~ What are the landing pages that I need to target?
~ Does each keyword have its own respective landing page?
~ What keywords are your competitors using for pay-per-click ads?
~ Did your run keyword tools for your keyword research?

Content Checklist
~ Landing pages have main keyword in title, header, and body
~ Are the contents are unique from other landing pages?
~ Data or pages primarily behind search forms are accessible with text links

While starting any new projects, this checklist will serve you to achieve good results. By walking through your checklists for any new project, it will help to track those items that have been completed. Each item left unchecked then becomes a task on your to-do list.



The Many Choices of Online Casino Bonuses

Traditional bricks and mortar casinos have been providing people with entertainment for many เว็บ บาคาร่า years. But in recent times, the online casino has experienced a huge surge in popularity.

The rapid growth of internet casinos has seen huge numbers of people signing up to find out what all the excitement is about. Part of the attraction is the large number of games that are available – far more than you’d ever see at a traditional venue.

In fact, the vast range of games would probably surprise most people. Not only are the traditional favourites such as slot machines and roulette on offer, there are also games based around many popular TV game shows.

Joining those currently experiencing the fun that can be had at an online casino certainly doesn’t have to cause your bank manager any concern. Once you’ve signed up, many offer free games for you to try, and playing for money can set you back less than a dollar.

Signing up couldn’t be easier. Most companies accept payment by methods such as WU, PayPal and bank wire transfers, as well as giving you the option to pay by credit or debit card.

What’s more, you will often be given a little bonus for your trouble. In some instances this can be as much as 800% of your initial deposit – providing a tidy little sum to get you started.

As the current economic crisis begins to bite, many people are finding that an online casino can actually provide a very cheap form of entertainment.

Poker is one of the most popular games played in online casinos, and you could enjoy a whole evening’s worth of fun from only a $10 tournament – much cheaper than going for a meal or spending your free time at the local pub.

There can be a social side to all of this too. Some games offer a chat box, allowing you to talk to the other players.

Often the in-game chat can prove to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of playing a game like poker online, which is a far cry from the rather stuffy and intimidating atmosphere that curses the card rooms of many more traditional casinos.

But it doesn’t have to all be about fun. Plenty of people are currently enjoying the rewards that a big win can bring.

Whilst many worry about the odds being weighted heavily in favour of the online casino itself, that certainly doesn’t have to be the case.

There is actually a vast range of skill-based games to play. This means that instead of betting against the house, you are playing against other people, so what matters is preforming better than your opponents.

Whilst some may well be familiar with classic skill-based games such as blackjack and backgammon, for newcomers they are very easy to pick up and the casinos themselves usually provide simple tutorials in plain English.



Top 3 College Football Picks for the Weekend

I really have to question the mindset of the Tar Heels coming into this one 0-2 and sputtering  918kiss on offense. Their QB Baker took a major pounding against Wisconsin last weekend and will continue to do so unless UNC finds some sort of running game.

This Wolfpack team is so much more athletic than UNC and faster than what they’ve seen so far in the losses to Wiscy and G Tech. No excuse for NC State not getting the job done against V Tech, as they held Vick in check and outgained them at almost a 2 to 1 clip.

These rivalry games are usually close, but the Wolfpack are looking to avenge a contreversial loss to the Heels last year, are in front of the home crowd, and are facing an opponent that is really struggling to move the football.

NC State QB Davis looks more comfortable leading the offense this year and it could be a long day for the UNC D if their offense keeps putting their backs against the wall.

Wolfback rolls in this one!!!

NC State -10

Regular play: Michigan -2 1/2 over Wisconsin

Had Wiscy last weekend against UNC, and wasn’t real enthused by what I saw outside of the running game. Looks like the gameplan for the Badgers is back to the old ways, run the ball don’t take any chances in the passing game. I think Stocco could be a decent passer, but it’s obvious the coaching staff has little faith in him.

On D, they over powered a weak team, but still gave up some passing plays. I’ll credit UNC’s ineptness as much as Wiscy’s stop unit for the lack of points put up by the Heels.

Henne will put up some big numbers in this game. Michigan WR’s Avant and Breaston have a huge advantage against these corners, and Henne will test them all day. Also, don’t think the Badgers will be able to push around the Wolverines O-Line like they did UNC. If Michigan can run the ball well, it’ll open up everything.

Michigan on D will stack the line and force Stocco to make plays. I like Alverez, but he is so stubborn. If Michigan jumps on Wiscy early, he will still run the ball. By doing this, he could put Stocco in a bad position later on in the game when they have to throw.

Not a huge Lloyd Carr fan like most, but he will whip this D into shape, and I saw marked improvement in the ND game. They have had trouble with athletic QB’s who can run or pass, the type Stocco is not.